Intra​-​Vital Derangement

by Bokluk

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Recorded in rehearsal room on February 7th 2015, mixed and mastered by Tukas.

Cover art by César Valladares


released April 23, 2015



all rights reserved


Bokluk A Coruña, Spain

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Track Name: Parapraxis
Great pigs
Surrounding mess
Slime so stepped
It's a generic parapraxis

It's a way to enforce you
And throw your face back in display
Equable in the algorhytm you belong
Won't dispel from this gabble anymore

It's a scattering shit move

If I've seeped in this codification
It means something's incongruous


If I've seeped in this codification
It means something's incongruous
And all indexed unknowns

What has been spawned, will be...

And all indexed unknowns
Oozing you out
Ferally disengaged oozing you out
Track Name: Slime Plastics
Pulling your brain harder, squeezing muck
Killing now for being what is not...

It feels so outrageous to see a fucking human out of the row

Futile slime

Just ignore the cyphertexts and let yourself drop down
Until the comedown pry into your world
Everybody falls

So, seep yourself and try to trespass the gates of dope

Galvanizing plastics
Out from skin
Everybody falls

Get soaked in shit, let's wallow in your puke
Merge into aparattus, for you there's no redress
Track Name: Apoplexy
Viral future
Through the outlook
Tiring metals
Firmly nailed

A yoke has bleesed me
Fusing at worms
As an oxidized world reflection
Since flesh is dispensable

Abject in putrefaction
Castrating my world in dreams

Will be like me
A marred offal

The advent of misled beings
Adulterated body apoplexy
Track Name: Suffer The Children (Napalm Death Cover)
Your unflappable conceptions
Moralistic views
Never open to criticism
Your overpowering ruse

Promises of sanctuary
In eternal bliss
With starry eyes and cash in hand
Pledge all to the master plan

Just face the truth or fund the farce

At one with your god
your sole intent
Your treasured place assured
For a substantial rent

Global lunacy
Death threats for supposed blasphemy
No room for free thought
All non believers pushed to the floor

Aggressive tyrants
Supposed saints for the cause
Judgement through force
Faith a fuel for pointless wars

When all is done
Who shall benefit? Who is the one?
Not those who pass on
But those dictators divine waving their deceitful wands