by Bokluk

(free) 06:25


Released through Memento Mori (CD, April 2014).

Recorded by Paco Liaño at Estudio Treboada (A Coruña, Spain) in December 2013. Mixed by Tukas in December 2013. Mastered by Javier Félez at Moontower Studios (Barcelona, Spain) in January, 2014.

Cover art and layout by César Valladares.


released January 30, 2014



all rights reserved


Bokluk A Coruña, Spain

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Track Name: Nomenclature 22Q13
Let's plunge this coil in his dejections
So I'll pupate what remains
Expel this sloppy water
Is what I need

The chromosomatic delection
Being plagued in the cattle
Reducing its ability, already null

Flesh sets us apart from the data
In line we put the system off
Gagging throats, scorched eyes, mulled yells

In utter involution

Sovereign without
Without motor skills
Breaking nexus down

Viral distortion in our web by...
He who handle the system
He who devours the mitosis, dominates.
Track Name: Nausea
Just when I though my body had collapsed
Bathed in vomit
Rotten I arose like a creepy shade
That slowly becomes in dust

Don't remember the last time
I saw my wings so opened
That could stunt me

We're vampires thirsty of a drug to fill us
Till choke,
And spill it out from the throat
When the night lights the mark in our back

When your life is in downfall
With the promises you did
And youth somnolency
Makes you unfettered of fight

The putrid stench in our mouths
Only remembers our damnation
Through the promiscuous and nocturnal lust
Dawn will purge our skinny husk

Revealing the deep inside ghoul
Come with the wretched return to cave
Track Name: Creed Of Excruciation
The allegoric human mind
Has twisted the sight
Designing it warfare hymn
Between yells and sobs
Our dreams of future
Drowned in sewers

Scorches ravenously
Making way through carcasses piles
Scathing, falling upon hate
Remembering its advent

I grip air with dead hands
Haven't been purged, blood flows

Upheaval unto me. Upheaval unto me

Impaled are torsos
Now you can coerce me
Until collapse me
Deform my existence

Our dreams of future
Drowned in sewers
Track Name: Excrement
A dismal sprain of condition and shape
Under a masquerade of ingratitude so defalcated
And so cold without desire of anything
I took my head the gallow to be free
And I've become in ugliest shit this world had calved

This malformation in void is embitter your existence
Meek and submissive
You'll forever lobotomized
Track Name: The Raw
Won't last stood a wretched
Doxology pushes gallows
Consecrated fraticide
Capzising structures

Ingrained fear in this duskfall

A mind opens the coffins
Of ancient ghouls
Laceration becoming
An inexorable reason for us

Crawl arround us

Ingrained fear in this duskfall

A paranoia lashing out
Is the ceremonial act
Of the rawest nightmares of my life

Tying up loose ends to your doom
Don't worth a shit to try to drag out the world
Into your void of murk

Grimness now grind your sight
No longer will your suffering stay
Track Name: Neoteny Disclosure
Just looked the mirror, spat and swallowed each
The world sown in your stomach
Dying in vulgar junkyard
vomiting a talkshit tide

Virtually you know who you are
You're lampoon of yourself
Irreverent to your information
Decomposing from your guts to your mental pit

A subconscious, degradated
Posthumously reinstated
Upon their nasty thrones

Forcefucked alive

Didn't know what the fuck you are until now
A worm, hatched off from the chrysalis

Flatline of the dumbass reign
A bunch of oxisized shit
Track Name: Mindfuck Self
And continues into a disjointed lifeline
My identity, in dissociation

Virtually dosed, in the nets which choke me
Bipolarized, in the middle of my reflex
Ubiquitous, over you
My omnipresence distorts us

Disastrous god of the rotting
Harvesting apathy and surrender

You own me

Disastrous god of the rotting
Harvesting apathy and surrender
Playing the eclectic deity
looking for myself

Now the real, is becoming for me less objective
This is my world

Who makes me introspective?
The mental changes the level

This is my world
Track Name: Taphonomy
Putrefaction not only occurs in carcasses
It seepages in each cell of our taphonomic lifes
Deglutioning the lifes like degradated wood,
Trespassing our subsoil

Thrown off to the jaws of ingratitude
While we grub the carrion
Dreadful gurgle of this insectoid

Putrefaction not only occurs in carcasses
It seepages in each cell of our taphonomic lifes
Deglutioning the lifes like degradated wood,
Trespassing our subsoil. Cast aside...

Sorry to say we're the squirming worms

I'd would be myself but i chose be different
I dismay you here with my shouts, muse